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Huafeng Profile

       The predecessor of Power HF co., Ltd., Wei County Huafeng Machine Factory, was founded in 1920. It was one of the earliest diesel engine manufacturers in China and it was honored as Number One Manufacturer North of the Yangtze River at that time.
      Adhering to technological innovation and model innovation, Power HF co., Ltd., as one of the pacesetting enterprises of the Chinese internal combustion engine industry, has extended its research, development, production and sales of diesel engines and intelligent generator sets upstream to the business of core components and parts of diesel engines and downstream to the operation and maintenance services of communication base station generator sets and other power supply facilities. A good business model with the characteristics of mutual support and coordinated development has formed.
      Power HF co., Ltd. is a national-level high-tech enterprise. With an efficient and stable research and development team, it constantly improves its technological level and upgrades its technologies. Sticking to precision manufacturing, it has owned modernized engine and generator set assembly lines and advanced flexible machining and production lines. Its diesel engine business focuses on the non-road field, its core component and part business focuses on the heavy truck field and its intelligent generator set, operation and maintenance business focuses on the    mobile communication and data center field. Power HF co., Ltd. has established its international aftersales service network and it can provide timely convenient aftersales services for its clients.
      Sticking to the professional and international development direction, Power HF co., Ltd. has established a coordinated development pattern consisting of Manufacturing + Services. Its comprehensive operation and maintenance department of communication base station power supply facilities has successfully carried out efficient 7x24 hour operation and maintenance services in India, Myanmar and other countries. The influence of the network is very extensive and the replication ability is strong.
      Continuing to adhere to the management philosophy of Innovation, Progress, Harmony and Improvement and sticking to the two-wheel drive strategy of “Diesel Engines and Core Components and Parts” and “Manufacturing and Services”, Power HF co., Ltd. constantly strengthens the corporate core competitive force and earnings power and strives to build itself into an industry-leading national manufacturer.