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Huafeng Concept
       In 1920, with a dream to provide excellent power products for different fields of the society, ancestors of Power HF co., Ltd. established the predecessor of Power HF co., Ltd. — Huafeng Machine Factory. In the recent 100 years, this dream always stimulated generations of Huafeng people to constantly improve and innovate its technologies and processing skills and provide higher-quality products and services for all walks of life.
      Driven by this dream, now Power HF co., Ltd. has become one of the pacesetting enterprises of the Chinese internal combustion engine industry, its two-wheel drive business model of “Manufacturing + Services” has formed and it is providing products and services for more and more domestic and foreign clients.
     Power HF co., Ltd. has fully considered the requirements of its clients for the product cost performance and aftersales services in its product design. A simple and durable design has been adopted for all its products because Power HF co., Ltd. understands how important the favorable prices, good reliability and low maintenance costs are for its clients.
     Meanwhile, Power HF co., Ltd. has won a good reputation for its low-cost and high-quality services by integrating an excellent management team, a convenient service network and a spare and accessory part center.
     As a century-old enterprise, Power HF co., Ltd. will continue to provide first-class products and services for more clients of many different industries such as global heavy trucks, agricultural equipment, construction machinery, mobile communication, stationary power, electric power and ships.