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Employee Development
        Power HF offers distinguished employees vast opportunities for personal development, good environment for personal growth, effective performance assessment and motivation mechanism, rich corporate culture and generous benefits. We sincerely hope new creative new employees that dare to face challenges to join us.
        In Power HF, managerial positions are first open to internal candidates and all the middle managerial personnel are cultivated and promoted within the company. In recent years, our company has been vigorously developing young managers and the post-80’s generation have made up more than 50% of the middle management. The company adheres to scientific talent cultivation approach, provides effective incentive mechanism, fair competition platform and vast career development space and enables every employee to realize their self-worth and make their individual career planning fits the best with the company’s development goal. All this makes every ambitious and capable employee do their best and achieve their aim!
        Power HF is offering you a platform to show your best!