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Application of Equipment:Onshore power generation
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Product Description

An energy-saving and eco-friendly power product with reliable structure, advanced performance and high performance/price ratio.
It uses a split type engine block whose strength and rigidity are superior to those of the gantry type and the tunnel type, able to bear higher explosion pressure. It achieves higher power and ultralow fuel consumption. Noise and vibration are smaller.
The engine block uses water-jacketed rapids belt and piston, which significantly lowers the operating temperature of the piston and the piston ring,and improves the operational reliability and service life of the diesel engine.
The stainless steel integral cylinder head gasket can bear high cylinder pressure and work reliably. The cylinder bolts do not come loose and the cylinder head gasket is not destroyed. The engine has strong cooling capacity, good lubricating capacity and a large margin, able to adapt to a high temperature of 45℃ and altitude environment.

Technical Specifications

Name Unit Technical specifications
Type   PHF14L400 PHF15L440
Type Four-stroke, In-line, water-cooling, four-stroke direct-injection, ω-shape combustion chamber, electric start
Air inlet mode Exhaust gas turbocharging, air-to-air intercooling (marine seawater-air intercooling)
Cylinder number 6
Cylinder bore mm 136 140
Piston stroke mm 165
Piston displacement L 14.38 15.24
Compression ratio                          15.5                         15.3 15.5 15.3
Starting temperature ≥-5
Crankshaft steering (facing the outgoing end)                          Counterclockwise
Firing order 1-5-3-6-2-4
Fuel injection system Mechanical plunger injection pump
Rated power Power kW 364 400
Rotation speed r/min 1500 1500
Fuel consumption rate g/(kW*h) ≤203 ≤203
Smoke intensity FSU ≤0.7 ≤0.7
1h Power Power kW 400 440
Rotation speed r/min 1500
(Marine main engine 1545)
(Marine main engine 1545)
Fuel consumption rate g/(kW*h) 205 ≤205
Smoke intensity FSU ≤1.0 ≤1.0
Mean piston speed m/s 8.25 8.25
1h Power mean effective pressure MPa 2.225 2.310
1h Power coefficient of intensification kW/cm 1.8359 1.9055
Minimum fuel consumption rate g/(KW*h) 195 195
Engine oil consumption rate g/(KW*h) ≤0.25 ≤0.25
Emission g/kWh complies with the national regulations on pollutant emission limits in force
Noise Lw     dB(A) ≤117    ≤118
Altitude allowable      m 2500     2500
Top overhaul period       h 9000      9000
Air consumption kg/s 0.627 0.680
Maximum explosion pressure MPa 18 18
Supercharge ratio   3.45 3.70
Exhaust gas temperature before the turbine ≤630 ≤660
Exhaust back pressure KPa ≤5 ≤5
Net weight of engine kg 1350 1350
Length x Width x Height mm 1936x1250x1580 1936x1250x1580

Performance Curve

Spectrum of Machine Type