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Hybrid generator set

Hybrid generator set

Equipment Use:Hybrid power
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Product Description

Huafeng Hybrid Power Supply System is composed of a diesel generator set, an emerge storage unit, a rectifier control unit, photovoltaic power and wind power; this system makes use of advanced control concept and optimized control logic, greatly reducing the system operation cost and prolonging the service life of the product; the advanced dynamic environment monitoring system can remotely monitor the parameters when the system is operating and summarize all operating indexes to timely and effectively spot problems appearing during the operation and lower the operational risks; the prolonged maintenance interval effectively reduces the maintenance cost.
One-piece structure: This series has advantages such as high integration and small floor area;
Split-type structure: This series has advantages of flexible combination, easy operation of repair and maintenance and convenient transportation;

Type Configuration

Type DC48-EH10 DC48-EH7 DC48-EH5 D48-EH4 DC48-EH2
Power at the optimal fuel consumption point (kW@48VDC) 8 ~ 10  6 ~ 7  4 ~ 5  3 ~ 4.5  1 ~ 2.5
Maximum power(kW@48VDC) 11 8 7 7 4
Nominal voltage(V)  48
Voltage range DC(V)  46/56.4
Operating temperature(℃)  -10~+50
Noise grade dB(A)  70dB(A) @7m
Fuel tank 1000L
Diesel engine
Type DI, R3105D, HF  DI, R2105D, HF
Power 26.5kW/1500rpm  17kW/1500rpm
Type of cooling Water cooled
Maintenance time Extendable to 1000 hrs
Type PHF-26 PHF-20 PHF-20 PHF-18 PHF-10
Type AC, 3P, 400V @Rated
Power(kW) 26 20 20 18 10
Insulation grade H
Protection class IP 21
Solar module (optional)
Inverter (optional)
Energy storage unit
Type Li-Iron VRLA
Cooling system of energy storage unit
Weight and size
Overall dimensions (L x W x H) (m)  2.93x1.31x2.41  2.66x1.1x2.39 
Weight(ton)  3 2.8 2.6 3.8 3.1