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Implementing the Idea of Safe Development-Power HF Emphasizes Safe Development

Publish Date:2015-07-19 00:00:00 Views:

“Safe production” has become a priority in development. The Party and the government have carried out a series of “Safe Production Year” activities, aiming to provide a good and safe production environment to realize the Chinese dream of great rejuvenation of Chinese nation. Power HF actively responded to China’s policy requirements and carried out activities themed “Strengthening security and the rule of law and ensure safe production”.
In June, Power HF held the “Safety production month” activities. Publicity and education activities whose content is mainly about “strengthening the red line awareness and promoting safe development” were carried out. Emergent fire fighting drills and a knowledge contest concerning “law on safety in production and law on prevention and control of occupational disease” were organized. Through these activities, people are fully aware of the idea of safe development.
To further ensure the safety production, Power HF carried out the “fire prevention sewage pipe modification works”, installed and debugged again the firefighting control wiring and debugged the fire prevention cabinets in the factory. The improved fire prevention facilities realize the function of starting all pumps via one button on any fire prevention cabinet which enhances the emergency rescue capability. The modification of sewage pipes makes the original drainage pipe network more eco-friendly.
Power HF earnestly performs its entity responsibility for safety production by taking powerful measures, making safety training, safety investment, basic management and emergency rescue in place, and practically implementing the idea of safe development.

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