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Low Rate Initial Production of Power HF’s Non-road China III Diesel Engines Completed

Publish Date:2015-08-25 00:00:00 Views:

On August 20, the production of 10 China III prototypes of Power HF was successfully completed in the assembly and test workshop.
Power HF has finished the production arrangements for the complete set of China III products whose power coverage is from 38 to 122KW (or 55 to 165 horsepower) and that can be widely used to support tractors, combine harvesters, generator sets and the like. A few days ago, Power HF just finished the national emission testing and validation. Now it is actively doing the matching work of relevant prototypes with main engine plants.
The 10 engines manufactured this time are the representative types among non-road China III products. Against a backdrop of changing into China III engines, this will greatly strengthen the market competitiveness of Power HF.

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