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Announcement of Tender for Kitchen Equipment Project of Power HF Co., Ltd.

Publish Date:2016-11-10 00:00:00 Views:

The kitchen equipment project of Power HF Co., Ltd. is announced for tender. Any bidders who are qualified can participate in the tender.
I. Project for tender
1. Project name: The kitchen equipment project of Power HF Co., Ltd.
2. Project number: HFGC2016-0001109
3. Items of the project: The items prescribed in the tender document and list of kitchen equipment (including 17% tax receipt and installation, the project is a turn-key one).
4. Construction location: Qingchi Plant Area of Power HF Co., Ltd. (7879, Yingqian Street, New and Hi-tech Development Zone)
II. Construction period: August 15 - September 25, 2016 (tentatively) (actual date of commencement is subject to the written notice of the tenderee)
III. Qualification for bidding
1. A bidder shall have relevant qualification, capacity and reputation in undertaking the construction of the bid section.
2. A bidder shall be free of one of the following circumstances, otherwise, it will be disqualified for participating in the bidding.
2.1 The bidder is an affiliate (unit) without independent legal status;
2.2 There is a stake between the bidder and the tenderee, which is likely to affect the impartiality of the tender.
2.3 Any behaviors violating relevant laws and regulations.
IV. Application for the bidding
After receiving the announcement of tender, the relevant units shall confirm if they will participate in the bidding by e-mail before 17:00 of November 14, 2016.

Between 9:00 of November 10, 2016 and 17:00 of November 16, 2016 (except legal holidays and festivals), a bidder shall take ① ID card of the corporate legal representative, or power of attorney authorized by the legal representative and ID card of the trustee, ② the enterprise's copy of business license along with it to the Finance & Audit Department of Power HF Co., Ltd. for making a payment and receive the tender document from the General Management Department upon the receipt. Failure to go through the above procedures within the time limit is not accepted. (RMB100 for each tender document, no refund after sale)
V. Submission of bidding document, deadline and place
Deadline: 9:00 of November 21, 2016
Place: General Management Department of Power HF Co., Ltd., failure to submit the bidding document or failure to serve it to the designated place will not be accepted by the tenderee.
VI. Contact information
Tendering agency: Power HF Co., Ltd.
Address: 7879, Yingqian Street, New and Hi-tech Development Zone / 78 Wenshui Road, Anquiu Municipality Economic Development Zone
Contact person: Mr. Wang
Tel: 0536- 5607612 8192707 8192707

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